What is real estate crowdfunding?

Reserved for real estate professionals (real estate developers, property dealers, promoters), this is a method of financing by means of a loan in return for the payment of interest, which generally takes the form of a bond or a debenture loan. It allows to constitute a new form of financing in addition to a bank or the borrower's own funds.

For investors, this investment is accessible from 1000€, it is an investment with an average duration of 21 months with an annual return of about 9.4%*. Find out more on your real estate crowdfunding platform.

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The figures for real estate crowdfunding

In 2022, the participatory financing market dedicated to real estate represented more than 1.6 billion euros collected and financed more than 1,600 operations. The average duration of a loan was 21.4 months and the average annual return was 9.4%*.
Source: Real estate crowdfunding barometer, Mazars


*Past performance is not indicative of future performance. See the risks associated with investing in real estate crowdfunding.

Guarantees to secure the bond loan

When a real estate professional submits a request for participatory financing, it is duly studied by the team of analysts: analysis of the operation and the real estate operator, financial and legal study, setting up of guarantees to secure the loan.

Standard guarantees are in place:

Non-exhaustive list

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