Certified company B CORP

Raizers is

Raizers is very proud to announce that it is a certified B Corp™.

As a B Corp, Raizers is part of a global community of companies that uphold high social and environmental standards.

For Raizers, being a B Corp means positively influencing the real estate and finance sectors.

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What is B Corp?

B Corp is a globally recognized certification whose ultimate goal is to transform the global economy for the benefit of all.s.

To obtain B Corp certification, we had to meet demanding specifications that examined thecompany 's impact in terms of governance,societal and environmentalimpact, as well as the management of our employees and customers.

In addition to being one of the most rigorous labels, it is a movement that brings together over 5,000 companies around a common goalof promoting sustainable business models that combine commitment and results.


The 4 Raizers commitments



We are committed to ensuring the well-being of our employees by constantly striving to improve their quality of life within the company.



We are committed to promoting positive action in favor of communities, the planet and our stakeholders.



We are committed to prioritizing the preservation of the planet and its inhabitants in our financing strategy..



We are committed to doing everything in our power to meet our customer satisfaction targets.



The "Certified B Corporation" logo is awarded by B Lab, a private non-profit organization, to companies like ours that have successfully completed the B Impact Assessment ("BIA") and meet B Lab's requirements in terms of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.
and transparency.

It is specified that B Lab is not a conformity assessment body within the meaning of Regulation (EU) No. 765/2008, nor a national, European or international standardization body within the meaning of Regulation (EU) No. 1025/2012. BIA criteria are distinct from and independent of harmonized standards issued by ISO standards or other standardization bodies, and are not ratified by national or European public institutions.

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New opportunities for sustainable investment

Embarking on the B Corp adventure means thinking about how to constantlyimprove our impact on society. This reflection has enabled us to develop a new approach to the selection of our investment opportunities, by proposing "positive impact" operations to our investors.

This selection is based on a precise rating grid incorporating ESG criteria (Environment, Society, Governance). The aim is to reward project leaders who are committed to sustainability in their strategy, by applying a preferential interest rate to their loan.

Under this scheme, operators undertake to comply with a set of specifications drawn up when the project is analyzed, and to provide proof of successful completion when the loan is repaid. In the event of non-compliance, the interest rebate retained by Raizers during the project is donated to a climate protection association.

Grading grid


Promoting sustainable construction


Type of material

Waste management



Type of accommodation (Social, Senior, Student etc...)

Use of local suppliers

Employment of single people

Charitable commitments



Staff parity

Managerial equity

Salary Protection


Sustainable investment is at the heart of our actions.