finance yourself with a repurchase agreement

Financing a real estate transaction

Do you have a short-term financing need and own a property whose value at least covers this need? At Raizers, we offer a financing solution in the form of a repurchase agreement.

Opting for sale and repurchase

The sale with right of redemption, what is it?

The vente à réméréThe sale with right of repurchase allows an individual or a professional to sell a property (at a discounted price). By this means, the seller will have the possibility of repurchasing his property at any time, within the limit of a pre-established period, often of 2 years. If the seller does not have the possibility to buy back the property, or does not wish to do so, the buyer (here the investor), becomes the full owner of the property.

The advantages of sale and repurchase

For the seller

The seller can thus have quick access to cash, especially for individuals or professionals who are not eligible for a mortgage loan. He keeps the usufruct of his property and reserves the choice to buy it back or not at the end of the repurchase period.

For the investor

For investors, the sale with repurchase is an investment from 1 000€ remunerated by annual interests, similar to a real estate crowdfunding operation The difference is that they become owners of the property, which represents a maximum guarantee. And even if the real estate market goes down, the purchase price being lowered, the resale price will always cover the investment.

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You fill in your financing request via this link, we study your file and contact you quickly if it meets our eligibility criteria. Then comes the analysis phase of your operation. Once analyzed and validated, we launch the collection on the platform and once the funds are raised from our investors, they are made available to you.

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