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How to secure

When considering a real estate crowdfunding operation presented on Raizers, a certain number of guarantees can be put in place to secure the loan and ensure repayment solutions for investors in case of default by the lender.

What guarantees?

  • The mortgage
    This is a security interest that the borrower grants on a property that he holds for the benefit of the lender. It is a security interest in the sense that it gives the lender a direct right to the property. In the event of default, the lender can force the sale of the property in order to be repaid.
    In the event that several lenders benefit from a mortgage on the same property, we speak of mortgage rank. It is established according to the order of registration of the mortgages and defines the order of priority of repayments in the event of sale of the mortgaged property.
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  • The security trust
    This is a guarantee that allows the temporary transfer of the ownership of an asset (shares, building, etc.) into a "special purpose vehicle" called a trust. The latter is held and managed by a third party (the trustee) who acts on behalf of the lenders until the loan is repaid. The interest of such a guarantee is its immediate execution. In case of non-repayment and the launching of a collection procedure, there is no need to refer to a judge to activate it.
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  • The personal guarantee
    It is a contract committing a natural person (individual) or legal entity (company) to pay the debt of a borrower to the benefit of the lender in case of default of the borrower.
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  • The First Demand Guarantee
    This is a security that commits the guarantor (a third party company) to pay a sum due on the first demand of the creditor without being able to object.
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There are other guarantees that can be considered to secure real estate crowdfunding operations. These are determined on a case-by-case basis and discussed collectively with the borrower.

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