There are many steps to take in the event of a parent's death and it is not always clear where to start. But what exactly are they in the context of an investment in real estate crowdfunding ?

What steps must the successors take with the crowdfunding platform?

The first important thing to know is that, as the successor, you will not have to take any steps directly with the crowdfunding platform. In fact, they will all be carried out by the notary in charge of the estate. The notary will contact the platform after having finalized the patrimonial state of the deceased parent and will provide the following documents: death certificate, deed of partition from the notary, identity documents and proof of residence of the heirs. The notary will also provide a bank account number (RIB) on which the platform will be able to make reimbursements. The notary will then distribute the capital and interest received to the successors.

Will the heirs have to re-sign the contracts?

The bond contracts will not have to be signed again because the securities are transferred automatically in the event of death. This is also the case for the interest that continues to accrue during the life of the project. Once again, no steps need to be taken by the successors, Raizers manages all the administrative follow-up.

Since investor accounts are personal and registered, what happens when the investor account is transferred to his or her heir(s)?

In all cases, the Raizers account will be closed once all the bonds have matured. As mentioned above, the interest and principal will be refunded to the RIB provided by the notary, who will ensure that it is dispatched to the heir or heirs. Finally, if an heir wishes to invest in a personal capacity, he/she will have to create an account, like any new investor.

Concerning the income tax return, do you have to mention the interest received?

Once a year, the IFU (unique tax form) is sent by the financial institutions to all the investors, allowing them to fill in their tax return for the previous year. In case of death, the IFU remains in the name of the deceased and the heirs do not have to declare anything.

What are the costs involved in managing this estate?

Raizers does not generally charge any fees to its investors.

To conclude, in case of death of a parent, the successors have no steps or costs to take with the crowdfunding platform. The notary and Raizers take care of all the steps of the succession.

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