When you are looking for a property, you can call upon a property hunter who will find for you the one that corresponds to your project. To do so, you must sign a search mandate that will bind you contractually to this person. Find out what a search mandate is and how it works.

What is a search warrant?

A search mandate is a contract that binds you as a buyer to a real estate hunter whose mission will be to find the property corresponding to your expectations. The real estate hunter must hold a professional real estate transaction card, which guarantees his professionalism. The search mandate is governed by the Hoguet and Alur laws.

How does it work?

The search mandate formalizes the relationship between you, the buyer, and a real estate professional. It determines the conditions of the real estate transaction, the power delegated to the agent, the conditions of the service, its remuneration and the means implemented.

As a buyer, the search mandate obliges you to pay a fee to the property hunter once the final sale has been concluded. The property hunter on his part is obliged to find a property that meets your criteria. He also has the duty to provide you with advice and information. The fees will only be paid if a deed of sale is signed at a notary's office; visits to properties or the signing of a preliminary contract (compromis or promesse de vente) do not trigger their payment.

A search mandate includes the search, the organization of visits, the negotiation of the property and the price offer as well as the securing of the purchase.

There are two types of search warrants:

  • The exclusive search mandate: the search for your property can only be carried out by the property hunter who signed the mandate. If you identify other properties during the term of the mandate, you must transmit the information to the hunter.
  • The simple search mandate: you can search for your property yourself in parallel with the hunter's search, and even mandate other real estate professionals.

The advantages

  • You are only financially committed if the property hunter finds a property that suits you.
  • This will save you time because the property hunter will do the research for you and will only present you with properties that correspond to your criteria.
  • The real estate hunter will be able to introduce you to properties that you would not have access to thanks to his network.
  • You will benefit from expert advice and you will be guided in your project.

What should be included

  • Identification of the purchaser: contact details (surname, first name, address, date of birth, civil status, nationality, etc.)
  • Identification of the real estate hunter: his name or the name of his agency, his real estate agent card, the address of his company, his SIRET number, etc.
  • Description of the property: It must be as exhaustive as possible. It must mention: the type of property, the location, the ideal surface, the number of rooms, etc. You can refine this description directly with the property hunter.
  • Price of the property
  • Remuneration conditions: They can be expressed as a percentage of the purchase price or it can be a fixed commission.
  • Duration of the mandate: It is generally 3 months but it is negotiated with the property hunter.
  • Means used: Since the Alur law, the search mandate must remind the duty to inform. The contract must mention the periodicity of the reports.
  • Type of mandate: simple or exclusive
  • Date of signature
  • Signatures of the parties

The difference between a search mandate and a sale mandate

A search mandate is a contract signed between a buyer and a real estate professional while a sales mandate is a contract signed between the owner of a property and a real estate professional.

Now you have all the cards in hand to call on a real estate hunter. If you wish to search for a property in order to rent it, you can contact our teams Raizers Transactions who will propose you properties corresponding to your project.

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