New real estate transactions are proposed every week on Raizers, the real estate crowdfunding platform. These transactions are not chosen at random, they follow a thorough selection process that allows investors to access the best investment opportunities*. Find out how Raizers' operations are selected.

Who selects the operations?

Operations are sourced by the sales team team before passing through the hands of the the audit team for the analysis phase.

Before being put online and offered to investors, each operation follows a strict selection process. It should be noted that on average, one out of every two files analyzed does not make it to the fundraising phase!

It is then the selection committee that validates or not the operations that will be presented on the platform.

What is the selection process?

Each operation is handled by an analyst from the audit team. Two major aspects are addressed during the audit:

  1. The operator : its experience, the financial solidity of its structure, its reputation, etc.
  2. The operation: its location, its profitability, its consistency with the market, whether it is administratively secure (planning permission) and technically secure (construction insurance, service providers), its level of pre-marketing, etc.

Following this initial study phase, the analyst can assist the operator in structuring his project, and in particular look into guarantees that can be put in place (mortgage, trust-securitysecurity, surety, first demand guarantee...).

Once these steps are completed, the file is presented to the selection committee composed of several members of the Raizers team. This committee reviews the transaction and determines whether or not its structuring allows it to be proposed to investors on the platform, and if so, under what conditions.

And what are the selection criteria?

Each project is different and the selection criteria are not fixed, the important thing being the balance between the risks identified during the analysis and the guarantees provided to secure the loan. To do this, the analysts use an internal scoring tool to rate each file and thus quickly visualize the risk/guarantee ratio of the operation.

Raizers' commercial and audit teams work closely together to select the transactions that will be presented to investors on the platform. Nothing is left to chance during the review of the files in order to propose to investors only those that respect the balance between risks and guarantees.

*Investment: Investing in stocks or bonds presents a significant risk of partial or total loss of capital as well as a risk of illiquidity.

Watch our video explaining the selection of operations

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