Grégoire Linder, co-founder of Raizers, is interviewed by Jean-Marc Sylvestre on BSmart TV, a media dedicated to economy and finance.

If you haven't heard of it yet, Raizers is an online investment platform that allows individuals and professionals toinvest in real estate by lending directly to real estate developers with average interest rates of 10% per year for about 24 months. It offers investment opportunities usually reserved for institutions. Investors can be individuals, professionals, private banks, asset management firms...

Raizers offers guarantees in the form of mortgages, personal guarantees, and corporate guarantees to provide maximum security for lenders' investments.

90% of the company's activity is focused on residential projects and 10% on the tertiary and commercial sectors.

In 2020, real estate prices will remain stable and, above all, liquid. One could have imagined a completely different scenario, as France is currently experiencing a decline in the production of new homes and banks continue to lend at relatively low rates. However, the need for housing is still present, so there is no significant drop in demand despite the crisis. Raizers' activity is not significantly impacted by the current situation. The company is positioned on the French and Swiss markets and has more recently entered the Belgian and Luxembourg markets where it has obtained approvals allowing it to operate in these territories. Raizers is currently awaiting approval at the European level in order to expand its opportunities. A positioning on the British market is not envisaged for the moment.

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