Finfrog conducted a survey with Ifop among French people who earn less than 2,000 euros per month. Price increases, budget management, giving up... What is the state of mind and reality of these French people?

Earning less than 2,000 euros a month, the daily life of 40 million French people

If this symbolic threshold covers a multitude of situations that are not all precarious, it is appropriate to question the state of mind and experience of these French people, who, although not necessarily poor, are not rich. How do they live through this period of rising prices?

Fear of inflation exacerbated by already complicated financial situations

95% are concerned about price inflation, including 67% who are "very concerned".

2/3 of the respondents believe that they are having difficulty getting by on their income (62%).

The reason is that on the 10th of the month, half of them have less than 100 euros left in their bank account

Question: Typically, how much do you have left in your bank account on average on the 10th of the month...?


Difficulties in making ends meet have a strong psychological impact

72% say they are stressed on a daily basis by the difficulties of making ends meet.

52% have insomnia because of budget management.

Women and households with children hardest hit

Women are more worried than men about price increases: 73% of them are very worried compared to 60% of men.

Concern is also highest for households with children. 78% of them are afraid of falling into poverty, compared to 54% of households without children.

A daily life marked by deprivation: 44% have already given up heating

Question: Due to lack of money, do you ever give up ?


Between system D and savings projects, young people are rather optimistic

56% of those under 35 years old sell regularly on second-hand sites.

69% of those under 35 would choose to save with an extra €300 per month.

64% of 18-24 year olds consider their social situation to be the same or better than that of their parents.


The survey was conducted among a sample of 1,002 people, representative of the French population aged 18 and over who earn less than 2,000 euros net per month.

This population corresponds to the French people who have been able to benefit from the inflation allowance of 100 euros paid by the government in December 2021.

The representativeness of the sample was ensured by the quota method (gender, age, profession of the respondent) after stratification by region and category of agglomeration.

The interviews were conducted by online self-administered questionnaire from February 14 to 17, 2022.


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