Download the barometer of Crowdfunding in France for the 1st half of 2018 by KPMG for FPF

+36%: A dynamic first half of 2018 for participatory investment


KPMG has just published the barometer of participatory finance in France for thefirst half of 2018. The funds collected have increased by 36% compared to the first half of 2017. Online investment continues its progression despite an uncertain year in terms of taxation.


This growth remains more timid than in thefirst half of 2017 due to the low volumes of equity investments, the amounts of which were down by 50% compared to thefirst half of the previous year. This can be explained by the ambiguous tax context. Indeed, the Madelin scheme, which was supposed to increase the tax reduction under the IR-SME from 18% to 25%, has still not been confirmed by the European Union. Also the ISF PME has simply been abolished. Already on the year 2017, capital investments had decreased by 15%. Future developments with the PACTE law should not allow for a significant increase.


As for loans, the growth rate was 76%. Between interest-bearing and non-interest-bearing loans, mini-bonds and bonds, the market's star investment, a total of €139m was raised in debt.


If startups were the first to be targeted by crowdfunding, it is now the VSEs/SMEs that represent the largest share of issuers (73%). A clear trend is emerging in favor of financing real estate projects, which account for more than half of the sums collected (52%) or €86.3 million when, for example, the cultural and social sectors together account for €43 million.


In 2017, the RE sector represented €20.5m invested by individuals, an increase of 78% compared to the previous year according to the barometer conducted by GreenUnivers with the association Financement Participatif France. The trend is expected to increase in 2018 as the environment-energy sector already represents €16.6m in the first half of 2018.


A total of €208.6 million was raised in thefirst half of 2018, already 62% of the amount that was raised in 2017.


"The range of investment products is becoming increasingly rich, as it is essential to offer investors the possibility of reducing their risk by diversifying as much as possible: renewable energy, real estate development, hotels, start-ups. We have already offered a dozen unlisted investment products for subscription, at a European level," concludes Grégoire Linder, co-founder of the Raizers investment platform.

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