Real estate
by Raizers

Raizers is an investment platform that allows individuals and professionals to lend to real estate developers, thus providing access to investment opportunities previously reserved for institutional investors.

A platform
active in 4 countries

More than €115 million have been invested on Raizers with an average return of 10% on more than 150 operations selected by its team of analysts.

Since its accreditation in France by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers in 2014, Raizers has opened its doors in Switzerland, Belgium* and Luxembourg.

More recently, Raizers has set up a co-financing fund that intervenes in all the operations presented.

*Please note that, unlike other markets, the platform is not authorised to provide investment advice to Belgian investors.


funded in 2021


+ 180

operations financed


50 000





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  • Business development experts in the property development or commercial property sectors;
  • Real estate sales specialists for its subsidiary Raizers Transactions;
  • Brainpower for the financial analysis team;
  • Experts in investment advisory.
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